• Corporate sports training
  • Training programs / bootcamps
  • Pre competition preparation(exp: government games, sheikha Hind Women’s Tournament)
  • Personalized VIP coaching
  • Special needs rehabilitation

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Wellness Programs

Our sports wellness programs are designed to ensure that athletes, amateur sportspeople and those involved with sports in any way have access to the education, sports training programs, and physical facilitation that they require. Feel free to review some of our wellness program options below.

Corporate Sports Training Programs

There are many benefits and uses of corporate sports training programs for organizations. The same can be used for the promotion and facilitation of physical and emotional employee wellbeing. They can also be used to help teach employees about teamwork and healthy competition among other things.

Our corporate sports training options allow you to have trained sportspeople visit your organization or company and work with your employees boosting morale and contributing to employee health.


Bootcamp training can be conducted at parks, sports centres, schools and more. We offer a variety of boot camp training options, conducted and supervised by seasoned trainers prioritizing prompt revival of health and achievement of relevant fitness goals.

Pre-competition Prep

It always helps to have a coach, trainer, or someone in your corner when you’re preparing for serious sports or athletic competition. Our pre-competition prep offers you dedicated trainers and professional sportspeople who will help you reach training goals, break old records and surpass your competition through regiment and practice.

Personalized VIP Coaching

If you’re someone who finds it difficult to go out and train or wish to have more focused attention when you do, personalized VIP coaching may be just the thing for you. Our VIP coaches work with clients individually to devise effective and viable workout plans which specifically cater to the client’s age, rate of metabolism, body type, and physical abilities.

Special Needs Rehabilitation

Sports can be an amazing outlet as well as an opportunity for those with special needs to learn, grow, and improve. At the same time, special needs coaches need to be trained, skilled, and sensitive to certain individual limitations that their clients might struggle with.

We offer trained and specialized special needs a coach to work with individuals and organizations alike.

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If you’re interested in learning more about any one of our sports training programs mentioned on this page or simply wish to ask about other options and services we provide feel free to get in touch. With our experience with and understanding of sports and athletics, we guarantee that any work you do with us will be enriching and well worth it!