• Sports business development.
  • Academy design/ creation/ management.
  • Sports recruitment services.
  • Sports Contracts negotiation and design.

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Sports Business Development

When it comes to managing a wide array of sports-related business development strategies and producing market-winning events, SLSS has hands-on experience in the industry. Our sports agent has spent a decade helping high-end clients with various services ranging from Product Innovation, strategic growth, partnerships, and Sports Business Development. By using the latest trends and industry expertise, we are changing the way the industry works. Whether you want to accelerate your Sports business or are looking for expert consultants to help you streamline complex tasks, reach out to SLSS, a premier sports consultancy agency. Work closely with an expert sports agent and boost your profit revenue.

Why Collaborate with Us?

  • We listen to your unique needs
  • Plan agile methodologies to work on
  • Execute effective plans and strategies with a contingency plan


Academy Design/Creation/Management

Are you using growth-driven solutions to streamline and create a fast-growing Sports Academy or are you still stuck? Contact SLSS, an experienced Sports Consultancy agency. We have always moved faster than everyone else around and leverage skills to help you fast track your business growth. From carefully setting training drills to providing round-the-clock support and crafting incredible design practices, every sports agent at SLSS uses purpose-driven techniques to help you provide success early-on in the procedure. We provide highly-scalable services and takes a unique approach to design, create, and lead amazing sports academies.

Ways to Explore:

  • Build a compelling picture of your Sports System and Academy management
  • Understand the core values of your Sports Club and design full-fledged services
  • Create a clear roadmap using existing insights to align your strategies and goals

Sports Recruitment Services

By leveraging our athlete-academy platform, SLSS is helping countless Sports academies and managers hire the perfect talent. As a leading Sports Consultancy agency, we are ruthlessly efficient in providing recruitment services to provide assistance to athletes, managers, and academies alike. Get in touch with a professionally-trained sports agent to connect you with the best athletes available and around. Our expert team provides assistance at every step of the recruitment process and helps you hire a great prospect without any success blockers.

Our Unique Offers:

  • Creating rock-solid recruitment strategies
  • Planning to help you get in touch with a variety of academies
  • Streamlining negotiations in getting higher financial-aid
  • Using industry-knowledge to remove emerging problems
  • Offering help with athlete recruitment from colleges

Sports Contract Negotiation & Design

The most crucial part for many leading coaches, managers, and professional athletes can be negotiating a deal they feel satisfied with. Whether you are looking for an experienced sports agent to help you get the deal you want or an enterprise-grade sports consultancy agency, reach out to SLSS today. We have become the leading experts in the sports industry when it comes to researching, planning, and maximizing profit revenue for clients. Ranging from soccer athletes and coaches to basketball and baseball players, we provide assistance to many different clients based on their unique needs. After collaborating with an army of Sports consultancy experts, you can benefit from professionals who have been negotiating deals for years.

  • Representing athletes and coaches
  • Negotiating transfer deals
  • Designing accurate contract agreements