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  • Athletes connections to Universities (US, UK…)
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Exclusive Athlete Support Programme

Not everybody understands the pressure and strain it sometimes takes when training to grow into a serious and skilled athlete or when preparing to compete with other skilled professionals. Athletics tests not just one’s physical resilience but also one’s psychological and emotional mettle.

For this reason, most athletes whether amateur and in training or professional may benefit from exclusive athlete support programme and assistance with personal development. Support extended to athletes via our platform and programs include everything from workshops and training camps to access to athletic healthcare professionals and educational opportunities such as swimming clinics.

Growth, Development, Technique Improvement

Our growth and development opportunities include sport workshops, clinics, training camps and other such options.

Sport Workshop Options

Our sport workshop options include those geared to educate athletes as well as those aimed at coaches and trainers. Some workshop types include those on fitness, mental health and sport, performance improvement and more.

We also offer workshops on specific sports and specific athletic events for those looking to work on a certain area of athletics.

Training Camp and Clinic Options

On the training camp end, we offer both extended and short duration training camps for athletes working at a range of proficiencies. We have training camps to help seasoned athletes prepare for upcoming games and tournaments but also offer training camps for amateur athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and children.

Swimming Clinic and Camp Options

We also offer camps, workshops, and clinics for sports and athletics related to swimming. We help organize and execute basic swimming classes as well as advanced swimming lessons and preparation for tournaments and competitions.

We cover all aspects of the sport including capacity and stamina building, strength training, and technique honing. Our swimming clinics are run by both seasoned trainers and ex athletes offering participants a lot by way of relevant knowledge and technique.

University Connections

If you’re someone looking to resume your formal education after a period focusing on athletics and need help finding universities where you may continue to focus on your athletics while taking on other courses of study we can help.

We facilitate candidates and interested individuals connect with and get admitted to universities within the UK as well as those in the US. We help individuals understand what various universities and institutions expect as well as advise them on how to correctly put together applications and other necessary paperwork.

Apart from this, we also help introduce athletes to the best Division 1 and Division 2 Universities which include the Ivy League, SEC, Big 10, and PAC 12 (in the US) among others, depending on their sport, specialty, and needs.

Sports Boarding Schools

We also help individuals, amateur athletes, training professionals, and semi-professional athletes partake in extensive athletic and sports boarding programs. Some of the sports boarding schools we liaise with include those that exist within the US as well as numerous institutes within Europe including sports boarding schools in France.

Our sports boarding schools allow individuals an environment dedicated to allowing them the space and resources to train harder, better, and in a more focused and intensive manner. These schools are a great way to sharpen one’s technique and prepare for competitive tournaments and other events.

Camp Organization and Tailoring

We even help schools, institutes, individuals and community groups organize specialized or custom designed sports camps. Some sports camps we offer to help put up include those for children, adolescents, adults, and aging adults. We also help organizations and offices organize sports camps for employee wellbeing and even develop and run specialized camps for groups struggling with various physical or mental disabilities.

We understand what you are looking for out of a sports camp before applying our knowledge and understanding to help you put up camps that cover all the relevant sports related education and activities.